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60 day 1-on-1 Coaching

Your Commitment To Wellness Lifestyle

  • 45 min
  • Online

Service Description

Have a couple of health challenges you want to address? Don't just want the quick fix and want to make a forever change. Need the extra support and accountability to keep you on track? Well, this package is for the people that are looking to take control of their own health and make it a lifestyle! During the 60 days, you will receive eight 45 minute coaching sessions with me. One session each week. When we meet we will discuss your wellness struggle, the goal, and a plan of action. You will leave the session feeling motivated, excited, and supported! The program also includes: -Unlimited access to me through email over 60 days. -An email from me to check in on progress between our sessions. -PDF and eBooks for Meal Planning/Prepping, Recipes, Gratitude Journaling, Morning Wellness Routines, In Home Workouts, and so much more. Your 60 days begins the day we have our first one on one session. You Ready For The Journey!?

Contact Details

West Chester, PA, USA

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